Beauty Lounge Fees

Facial Treatments

MONU & RENU by Susan Molyneux.
Professional skincare that brings out the best in you using the best of nature. Providing effective pampering skincare.

MONU - Peel and Reveal Skin Peel 40 mins £47
Formulated using a complex blend of Glycolic acid, salicylic acid and lactic acid, the resurface and peel treatment will give your skin a fresh healthy look. Improves appearance of enlarged pore pigmentation, wrinkle lines and evens out skin tone and texture, Suitable for scarring, pigmentation and age spots.

MONU Express Facial 25 mins £27
The lunchtime facial revitalising mini treatment. The perfect introduction to Monu skincare. A skin boost when time is short.

MONU Aromatic Facial 55 mins £45
Pure Indulgence!
Indulgent facial using preparations containing the purest essential oils. Includes soothing face, neck and shoulder massage. Mask therapy and exfoliations are combined for skin radiance.

MONU Active Collagen Facial Treatment 55 mins £50
Ultimate Hydrating Facial.
An intensive repairing treatment using a 99% collagen veil, delivering a burst of moisture plumping fine lines and wrinkles. This facial hydrates and replenishes vital moisture levels. Perfect for dehydrated and sun damaged skins.

MONU Smoothing Algae Facial 55 mins £50
Line Smoothing Excellence.
A line smoothing facial treatment with a seaweed compress. Smoothes, lifts and energises. Active ingredients combined with technique improve skin radiance, freshness and tone.

MONU Soothing Oat Facial 55 mins £50
Relax - Renew - Restore.
This luxurious facial is based around a warm oat mask packed with 100% natural nutrients and proteins with soothing anti-inflammatory ingredients. Nourishes, soothes, combats dryness and restores elasticity.

MONU Collagen Eye Treatment 40 mins £33
Eye Fix.
An eye treatment using collagen eye patches and is especially suited to dry crepe skin look around the eyes. This treatment targets dark circles and puffiness. Improves circulation and revitalises eye area.

RENU Express Facial 25 mins £33
A boosting introduction to the anti-ageing RENU formulations. A great pick me up for dry, sensitive or dull skin.

RENU Lift Facial 1hr 10 mins £60
The Natural Lift.
A relaxing high performance facial. Using MONU skincare combined with anti-ageing formulations RENU. For a dry sensitive or dehydrated skin a nourishing mask is applied. For slack or devitalised skin, a seaweed mask is applied.


Monu Body Therapies

Relaxation Treatment 55 mins £48 - 25 mins £30
Combat stress and fatigue with this combination of stretching techniques applied along with aromatic oils and a specialist massage, leaving you relaxed and rejuvenated.

Deep Cleansing Back Blitz 40 mins £30
An invigorating back cleanse and exfoliation followed by a hot aromatic compress to relax the pores. A ten minute massage, then this treatment is completed with the application of a mask.

Essential Top-to-Toe Experience 1 hr 15 mins £55 - ADD Lava Shell Massage £60
This soothing all over body experience involves the use of precious aromatherapy oils. A face, body and scalp treatment where oils and pressure massage let your worries evaporate away as we relieve stress and tension. Foot and hand treatment included.

Hot Lava Shell Massage 55 mins £50 - 25 mins £30
Deeply relaxing, using hot Tiger cam shells combined with massage. This amazing combination eases tensions and melts and  relieves painful arthritic joints and removes toxins.

Anti-cellulite Body Boosting Treatment 40 mins £33
Lovely Legs.
This works wonders on a sluggish circulation whilst helping reduce the appearance of cellulite. Deep cleansing and exfoliation followed by a detoxifying and exfoliation oil which is massaged into the legs using lymphatic drainage techniques.

Full Slim gel Body Wrap Treatment - Allow up to 1 hr 15 min £60
The slim gel wrap is a quick, effective way to lose inches. A body contouring treatment that will also detoxify and help improve the appearance of cellulite.
Inch loss, can be achieved by the combination of compress bandages and the active ingredients of sweet fennel, witch hazel, seaweed and herbs along with mineral salts in the slim gel.

The Beauty Lounge Back, Face and Scalp Treatment 1 hr 10 mins £65
Combining the therapist's experience and knowledge along with MONU face and body therapies, this signature treatment is really one to try. Skin brushing followed by a deeply relaxing back treatment including hot compress and massage is further complimented by the MONU lunchtime facial and concluded with a therapeutic scalp massage. Our signature treatment!


Hot Stone Reflexology

Hot Stone Reflexology massage 60 mins £45 - 30 mins £25

This treatment works on the same concept as Hot Stone massage. The application of the hot stones combined with massage strokes creates a deep, relaxing  and healing treatment. The heat from the stones warms the skin allowing therapeutic olis to moisturise and penetrate into the skin. As well as warming and preparing the muscles of the body to be worked on, allowing the therapist to work into the deeper muscles of the body.





Hands & Feet

JESSICA Manicure
Everlasting Geleration Manicure
JESSICA Pedicure £34
JESSICA Everlasting Geleration £42
Shellac Gel Pedicure £42
JESSICA Nail file and Paint £18
GEL Removal £18
GEL Infill £26

French polish, an additional £5.

Please bring flip flops if visiting for a pedicure.


Full leg
Three quarter Leg £22
Lip and Chin £21
Lip or Chin £13
Eyebrows Wax or Shape £13
Half Arm £17
Full Arm £21
Underarm £13
Back or Chest £27
Back and Chest £46


Using soothing antiseptic tea tree wax

Advanced Waxing

Basic Bikini
High Bikini £24
Brazilian Bikini
Hollywood Bikini

Traditional Hot Wax available for Hollywood, Brazilian and underarm waxing - Please add £2 per area.

Pre waxing advice: Do not swim or take vigorous exercise a few hours prior to waxing. Avoid sun and heat treatments 48 hours prior to waxing.
After waxing advice: Avoid hot bath or shower for 48 hours. Avoid swimming. Avoid all heat treatments - i.e. sun beds for 48 hours. Avoid exercise for the remainder of the day