Vanessa Hayward Zuzana Povazanova Nell Patel

Vanessa Hayward B.Ost, Dip Sports Injuries & Massage

Vanessa graduated from The British School of Osteopathy in 2004. She has worked as a sports therapist since 2001 and has a particular interest in musculo-skeletal conditions and sports injuries. As well as her experience in these areas, Vanessa has a particular interest in the treatment of children, babies and pregnant mothers and has developed her skills in the field of Cranial Osteopathy for this purpose.

Zuzana Povazanova, B.Ost (Hons)

Zuzana has been working in the manual therapy field since 2009. She first qualified in holistic massage (ITEC) then completed a degree in Osteopathy at the College of Osteopaths in London. Since leaving the College she has completed the medical acupuncture and osteopathy for pregnant women courses and volunteered as a therapist at the London Olympics games and London Marathon. She combines various techniques in her treatment tailoring it for individual patients.



Nell Patel, BSc. (Hons) Ost.Med

Nell graduated in 2001 from the British College of Osteopathic Medicine with a BSc (Hons) degree in Osteopathic Medicine and a diploma in Naturopathy. She is a registered provider for all major health insurers including BUPA and AXA-PPP. Nell is a structural and cranial Osteopath and treats all ages for a variety of complaints including babies, children, elderly, women during and after pregnancy, sports injuries and more.
Nell uses traditional osteopathic techniques such as massage and spinal manipulation, complemented by dry needling and Cranial Osteopathy which she has taken further training in. 

Our Osteopaths are all registered with the General Osteopathic Council.

What It Is

Osteopathy is a system of manual medicine aimed at treating the body holistically by taking into consideration structural, physiological, biomechanical and emotional aspects of a person. Osteopathy may offer relief from the symptoms of pain by improving circulation and nerve supply to the tissues and organs and restore balance and function to the skeletal frame.


What about treatment?

Treatment may involve a variety of techniques such as soft tissue massage, stretching, articulation, mobilisation, neuromuscular techniques, traction and manipulation, all of which depend on the individual problem, how long it has been there, age, flexibility, degree of pain, etc. Before treatment, however, a diagnosis is made based on a case history, medical screening and physical examination. Occasionally X-rays may be necessary to confirm or rule out certain conditions. A treatment plan is formulated which may involve advice on posture, exercises or stretches, especially if the problem has developed over a long period of time.

What Type of Problems Can Be Treated?

In addition to musculo-skeletal problems such as ligamentous strains, muscular pain, bony misalignment, sciatic pain, neck or shoulder problems, headaches, tennis elbow and many other traumatic or repetitive stress injuries, it can also bring relief from conditions like Irritable Bowel Syndrome, digestion problems and dizziness, among others.